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Trailrunner Broadband Internet

Making reliable, high-speed internet a reality for rural America


Our High Speed Broadband Internet Service Plans

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  •    Additional Fees
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$29.95/ month
  • 25 GB
  • 10 Mpbs
  • Emails, light browsing, security systems, failover options
  • *
  • *

LTE Essential

$49.95/ month
  • 100 GB
  • 25 Mpbs
  • Emails, browsing, minimal streaming
  • *

LTE Premium

$99.95/ month
  • 200 GB
  • 25 Mpbs
  • Emails, browsing, streaming most days
  • *

LTE Unlimited

$149.95/ month
  • Unlimited
  • 25 Mpbs
  • Gaming, streaming

LTE Unlimited +

$199.95/ month
  • Unlimited
  • 25 Mpbs
  • Enhanced internet experience
  • $10 additional access points

*Installation fees will be assessed when qualifying you for service.

LTE Seasonal Plan

Our LTE Seasonal plan allows part-time residents to put their service on hold for a low monthly fee of $9.95, and a $10 device rental fee, without the hassle of cancelling and then reinstalling service. Users must choose LTE Essential, LTE Premium or LTE Unlimited service for at least 6 months of the year.

Ask Us About Our Military Discount! Veterans Save $10**

**Proof of military service is required.

Get a Free Month of Service When You Refer Friends and Family!***

***Up to 3 referrals within a 12-month period; The referred customer has to qualify for service and pay their first month of service and installation fees before the referrer is given the free month credit. New customers must enter your name as a referrer online or with the sales associate when signing up for service.

What is Trailrunner Wireless broadband service?

Trailrunner Wireless Broadband is a fixed wireless internet solution – an evolution in cellular technology that utilizes spectrum on 4G cellular networks to deliver high-speed internet to your home or office. Similar to how a cell phone works, a signal is sent from a network tower to the fixed wireless receiver installed at your home or office. The receiver then provides a high-speed wi-fi connection. By eliminating the need for the “last mile” of fiber, fixed wireless makes high-speed internet a reality in rural areas. Trailrunner is delivered on the 4GLTE networks built and operated by Wireless Partners – a pioneer in rural cellular communications preferred by major carriers. Our best-in-class team of network engineers and customer service professionals make Trailrunner a reliable and responsive high-speed internet solution you can depend on.

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We cover locations in Washington County, Maine, and Coos County, New Hampshire.

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