Internet for Your Rural Event

High-Speed Internet Access For Your Next Rural Event

While Trailrunner continues to provide internet access to homes and offices, we now have the ability to provide even more to rural New England. With our new mobile capabilities, we have the ability to create a local hotspot to provide internet for your rural event.

Trailrunner and Barstool Sports in Madawaska, Success!
Earlier this month we had the chance to demonstrate our mobile capabilities for none other than Barstool Sports’ Kirk Minihane in Madawaska, Maine.

The event went off without a hitch. With over 10,000 viewers on the livestream getting the full experience remotely, and over 65 users in attendance with broadband internet access, attendees were able to stay in touch with family and friends the whole time.

Without our capabilities, they would have been searching for minimal cellular connection, and the only people who would have experienced the event would have been those who made it in person.

Barstool Sports

Elevate Your Event
Take your event to the next level with Trailrunner. Providing internet access in an area with weak cell service and/or no broadband internet opens the doors to more possibilities for your event.

While visitors enjoy internet access, it also enables vendors and businesses to accept digital payment methods.

It would allow for streaming options as well, making events much more accessible. Our equipment is even discreet enough to have at your next rural wedding.

What Types Of Events Can Benefit?
Trailrunner is looking forward to boosting your next public or private event. Trailrunner can provide connections for a variety of events. Planning and running events can be overwhelming so we take pride in having the internet access come off your plate and into our hands!

Think about us for your next: Festival, Race, Concerts/Show, Tournament, Charity Event, Reunion, Wedding, Party, Derby, Etc.

Get Connected! Contact Trailrunner To Get Started.
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