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Trusted Internet Options in Maine

In these uncertain times, homeowners in Maine are looking for a trusted internet provider that works for them and not against them. With each day that passes, having a robust internet connection inside your home is a necessity.

Options for internet service are easy to find. However, finding a trusted internet option can be daunting and costly especially when you do not know what factors to look for. Popular big name companies always come to the top of a homeowner’s mind. Yet when investigating into their practices many see hidden fees and a lack of customer service.

For rural areas such as Maine, you deserve an internet service provider that works tirelessly to keep you online with trusted speeds and service. Therefore, Trailrunner is providing fixed wireless internet to homes in Maine! Trailrunner takes pride in offering versatile internet plans that work for the community.

Trusted Internet: Cost Effective Broadband Internet Plans

Part of being a trusted internet option for Maine homeowners is to provide plans that do not break the bank. The prices for internet amongst major cable company providers can be astronomical. The service plans are costly enough and then throughout your billing cycle there will be fees that are impossible to understand.

Trailrunner makes internet plans simple. Our goal is to connect homes when it matters most and to provide a transparent service that is easy for everyone to understand. Being a trusted internet provider is something we take seriously. Therefore, pricing is something we do not want to serve as a barrier to internet access.

Trailrunner Internet Plans

Trusted Internet: Community Driven Customer Service

Customer service amongst big name internet providers is a nightmare that many refer to continuously. Customers often spend hours trying to get on the phone with someone to help with service issues. Then appointments for service can be very inconsistent.

Trailrunner is a part of the community. The company’s staff headquarters resides in Maine and takes pride in the community they serve. Being able to provide trusted internet to homeowners within Maine sparks a sense of pride that fuels the overall mission.

Your internet service deserves a personal touch from real people during reasonable times. Trailrunner commits to helping the community they serve and making you feel comfortable with your internet access.

Trusted Internet: Backed By Fiber Optics

Having a dependable internet connection is paramount during these uncertain times of remote work as well as remote education. Trailrunner’s fixed wireless service utilizes their own cell towers that capitalize on a fiber optic foundation.

Instead of digging up infrastructure to install fiber optic cables, Trailrunner provides sleek and subtle connection units that receive signals from nearby cell towers. These cell towers have the foundations of fiber optic connections which provides a dependable internet service.

So often, many believe that in order to have a suitable connection with dependable speeds that the price tag has to match it. However, Trailrunner’s focus is to provide trusted internet that works both digitally and financially.

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