How To Get Rural Wifi

How To Get Rural Wifi in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont

Internet access in your home is a necessity now more than ever before. Throughout communities in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont rural wifi connections can be overwhelming when getting started. There are a variety of factors that make the process difficult such as quality of service, price and availability of coverage.

Having a stable rural wifi network for your home to connect to is something every home deserves. Whether you are working remotely, completing school work online or streaming your favorite movies and shows, connecting your home online is not meant to be a hassle.

Therefore, Trailrunner Broadband Internet is here to provide the rural wifi you deserve. Here are the steps to get started!

Rural Wifi: Check Your Coverage

Starting your journey to trusted high speed rural wifi is easy! Just check your coverage through Trailrunner’s interactive map. This coverage map allows you to type in your exact address to determine your eligibility for service.

When choosing an internet service provider, you want to make sure that you are picking the most optimal service available. Trailrunner’s goal is to make that easily searchable for everyone in rural communities.

Our interactive map displays the closest network cell tower to your location and can easily determine how effectively our service aligns with your internet needs.

Rural Wifi: Choose From A Variety Of Plans

It is important to choose the plan that best fits how you use the internet. Luckily, Trailrunner makes picking a plan simple. Larger corporations that provide internet make their plans confusing and oftentimes expensive. These plans have a layer of hidden fees and information that only seems to arise whenever you go to pay the current bill.

Therefore, Trailrunner makes it a priority to provide easily understandable plans that give you the best internet service possible. When it comes to rural wifi with Trailrunner there are no installation fees, no commitment and no hidden fees whatsoever.

Trailrunner Plan Details

Rural Wifi: Sign Up & Refer People To Get Free Service

Once you pick your plan and get set up with Trailrunner you will be able to enjoy trusted rural wifi throughout your home. Joining our trail does not stop once you have internet access though. 

In fact, Trailrunner now has an official referral program for account holders to earn free internet service. Once your account is active head on over to our referral page to complete the form. Once the person you refer signs up you will receive a free month of service!

Trailrunner is driven by the community we serve. Therefore, referrals allow us to keep the focus on our mission of serving rural America with the internet you deserve.