Optimize Wifi In Your Home

How To Optimize Wifi In Your Home

It is quite common for people to seek out ways to optimize wifi inside of their home. These days, having a stable broadband internet connection is a mandatory way of life. The internet now acts as a pivotal resource for work, education, entertainment, shopping and much more. Now more than ever people want to get the most out of their internet connection.

Internet speed is constantly on the minds of many. With more and more devices attaching to networks there can sometimes be an overload of data usage within one particular home or business. In order to keep up with everyday life on the internet, having a stable and reliable speed is extremely important. However, when internet speed slows down, many believe there cannot be anything done on their end to improve the situation.

Luckily, that is not the case! In fact, there are numerous steps you can take to optimize wifi throughout your home or business. Trailrunner specializes in providing trusted broadband internet to homes all throughout rural America. With that, check out these three easy steps to help keep your internet connection stable.

Optimize Wifi: Prevent Interference

When trying to optimize wifi, the placement of the router inside of your home is extremely important. Walls, appliances, and physical barriers consisting of raw materials can cause interference of the connection throughout your property. These barriers can drastically affect the speed of your internet connection depending on router placement.

Different barriers of materials have the ability to cause different levels of interference. Wood, synthetic material, and glass provide low levels of interference whereas plaster, concrete, and metal provide high levels. If you place your router in an inconvenient location that is prone to much interference, there will be a noticeable difference in your wifi speed.

Router placement is also important with respect to which level of your home it resides on. Try to avoid placing your router in an upstairs office or the corner of your basement. This allows the connection to evenly disperse throughout your home so that everyone can enjoy the same connection.

Therefore, to optimize wifi effectively, make sure to place your internet service router in an open area where the internet is most commonly in use. Try to minimize the amount of barriers that surround your router for an even distribution of connection throughout your home.

Optimize Wifi: Reducing The Number Of Devices

When multiple devices connect to your network it can affect the speed significantly. For example, every device that connects to your wifi divides up the bandwidth that is spread across to said devices. As a result, the more devices that connect to your network, the smaller the piece of bandwidth will distribute to them.

Often, when we are not trying to optimize wifi, we will leave devices on and connect them to a network in the background even when they are not in use. As time passes more and more devices stay using the connection which will lower the speed. Therefore, it is important to reduce the number of devices that connect to your network when they are not in use.

Another factor to keep in mind is that most wifi routers will adjust their speed according to the speed of the lowest device. This does not happen in every case but is still applicable to some. This heightens the importance of making sure only the devices you are currently using are taking the bandwidth of your network.

Optimize Wifi: Keep Your Devices Clean

Over time, devices need to have regular check ups to ensure they are operating at full capacity. Without these checkups your devices will slow down in performance as time passes. Devices not operating at full strength directly affects how fast your internet can handle tasks. Keeping your devices clean to optimize wifi includes these steps below!

Make sure to close your browsers and limit having too many tabs open at once. The more tabs that you have open on a device, the harder your wifi has to work in order to produce all of the content on each one of those tabs. In order to maximize efficiency try to only keep the necessary tabs open at one time.

Also, each device keeps a log of search history known as cookies. This search history allows for quick results when returning to popular websites and apps. However, this can also slow down your device. Every now and again be sure to clear your cache and cookies to help give your devices a boost.

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