Rural Internet Speed

Internet Speed: How Much Do You Need?

Internet speed is constantly a topic of conversation amongst users. Major wireless internet providers will continue to boast how their speeds outpace those of their competitors. Many homeowners, renters and businesses will see the amount of speed their current internet plan permits. 

However, understanding that number and how it relates to your specific internet needs is entirely different. With more of today’s world existing digitally, there is not much of a surprise how common the discussion of internet speed occurs. When it comes to certain internet plans, the balance between having dependable speeds and affordability can be extremely delicate. The goal is to be able to find a plan that not only has the speed you need but also lies within a reasonable price range.

Understanding the internet speed that works best for you can seem overwhelming. Therefore, Trailrunner Broadband Internet is here to outline everything you need to know about the speed of your internet connection.

Internet Speed: What Is Considered Fast?

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) high-speed broadband internet is 25Mbps for downloads and 3Mbps for uploads. While there are a variety of internet service plans that provide speeds up to 1,000Mbps, the question remains as to how much someone needs in order to access the internet their way.

Many feel that in order to accomplish all of the things they wish to do digitally, they have to pay a significant amount of money for speeds upwards of 100Mbps. The constant marketing blitzes amongst big internet service providers make an effort to convince consumers that the only way to enjoy the internet on your terms is to pay a significant price tag for the highest speeds.

However, when breaking down how the regular activities of a user translate into internet speed, many find it shocking how much one is able to accomplish digitally at a certain speed. Our goal is to show people how to choose the most efficient internet speed without paying an astronomical amount.

Internet Speed: How Much Does Each Activity Use?

Different digital activities require different amounts of speed in order to run successfully without any issues. For instance, sending and receiving email on any of your devices will require a low amount of internet speed while streaming 4K quality video will require a much higher speed. To help break down just how much speed is required to conduct certain internet activities, look at the list below!

  1. Email: 1Mbps
  2. Web Browsing: 3Mbps
  3. Social Media: 3Mbps
  4. Streaming SD Video: 3Mbps
  5. Streaming HD Video: 5Mbps
  6. Streaming 4K Video: 25Mbps
  7. Online Gaming: 3-6Mbps
  8. Streaming Music: 1Mbps
  9. One-on-One Video Calls: 1Mbps
  10. Video Conference Calls: 2Mbps

As you can see, a lot of these activities can run efficiently at speeds that many do not expect. With all of the messaging from big internet service providers constantly preaching the need for 150Mbps speeds or higher, many users can actually maximize their internet access at a fraction of the price.

Internet Speed: How Much Do You Need?

While it seems easy to say that there is a basic universal speed that works for every internet user out there, that is not the truth. Every household that has an internet connection is different depending on the number of people and devices in use.

However, the above information certainly shows that there is not this glaring need to always have the maximum internet speed available and the price tag to match. The list above shows the speeds in which the majority of internet use operates smoothly within. Most of the time the average internet user does not even come close to needing the major speeds that internet service providers advertise.

Therefore, paying hundreds of dollars a month for sky high internet speeds could very well be an empty pursuit. Understanding your goals, devices and needs will help paint a clear picture of how much speed you need to achieve unimpeded access to all the internet has to offer.

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