Fixed Wireless 5G

Fixed Wireless 5G: Everything You Need To Know

The introduction of Fixed Wireless 5G capable service is extremely important to the future of wireless connectivity. In most cases, 5G is in the conversation of mobile devices. However, this new implementation of coverage is far beyond the mobile spectrum. 

Throughout rural America, many citizens do not have access to reliable wireless internet. In today’s world, having a stable internet connection is not just a luxury but rather a necessity. Fixed Wireless 5G is going to create faster speeds for homeowners in rural areas for a much more affordable price tag.

While 5G is still incredibly new, many providers are making plans to ensure that this wave of technology integrates directly into their service in the future. Therefore it is important to understand how 5G will work for rural Americans.

What is Fixed Wireless 5G?

In a traditional wireless internet setup, there is a requirement of cable running directly into your home to establish a connection. Then, you would purchase a router that would connect to the internet and update over time. Fixed Wireless setups are much easier installation wise. Instead of cables being required there is a fixed receiver that installs directly onto your home.

This receiver creates a wireless connection with nearby wireless towers. Once a receiver gains a signal from a nearby tower, it sends a connection right down into your home where it can link up to a router.

Fixed Wireless 5G: Reducing Connectivity Costs

Fixed Wireless 5G has the ability to greatly reduce connectivity costs for homeowners in rural areas. Traditionally, fixed line installation for wireless internet can create many obstacles. Rural areas face a problem due to such large, spread out installation spaces. Therefore, the physical infrastructure that this process needs is very expensive.

With rural areas in mind, Fixed Wireless 5G will decrease the amount of physical infrastructure that one needs to establish a reliable internet connection. By reducing these initial connectivity costs on the provider side, it helps homeowners achieve a much more affordable price point for great internet speeds.

Fixed Wireless 5G: Speeds, Latency and Energy Use

Internet speed, latency and energy consumption are very important factors to consider with regards to your internet connection. 

Internet speed is relative when comparing the plans of major providers such as Comcast or Verizon. While many internet packages boast speeds up to 1,000Mbps you truly can accomplish everything you need to digitally with 25-30Mbps. Still, Fixed Wireless 5G will have the opportunity to provide much higher speeds in the future which will bolster your existing internet accessibility.

Latency speaks to the reliability and consistency of your internet connection. Often you might hear the term “lag” when using the internet. Simply put, having high latency will delay the actions you try to do online. For instance, if you find that you click on something and the action doesn’t register for a noticeable amount of time, that is a latency issue. Fixed Wireless 5G has a great reputation for being consistent with low latencies and providing the ability to stream, game and more with their connections.

Finally, energy consumption is important to keep an eye on since that can directly affect utilities such as your electric bill. Luckily for you 5G takes relatively less energy to operate versus traditional internet connection options.

What Is The Availability Like?

5G is still relatively new and many internet providers are now formulating their strategies in order to implement 5G in a way that is best for consumers. However, that means right now is the best time to start your internet connection with Fixed Wireless. Having a reliable internet service provider with affordable plans will pay dividends down the road with future 5G implementation.

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