Starlink VS Fixed Wireless: What You Should Know

Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet is making waves across the United States as the latest innovation in wireless internet access. The lofty promises of unlimited high speed internet for rural and remote areas is appealing to millions of people throughout the country.

There is an overwhelming assumption that in order to get high quality wireless internet in rural areas, Starlink is going to be the only solution that is suitable for Americans living remotely in a digital world. However, that could not be further from the truth. For instance, Fixed Wireless internet connections directly compete with the service that Starlink provides but with a few added advantages.

Everyone in the world deserves the same access to a reliable wireless internet connection. However, not all internet connections are created equally whether it’s from a financial, reliable or transparent standpoint. Check out below some of the cons that Starlink has when stacking up against Fixed Wireless.

Starlink VS Fixed Wireless: Availability

While satellite internet is known for having wide coverage. However, Starlink is already running into availability issues amongst their pre-order customers. In February, Starlink pre-orders shipped out to customers. Recently though, customers are finding that if they adjust the service area by even a few feet on their own property, their service causes a delay until as late as 2023.

Availability is one of the most important factors in wireless internet access especially in rural areas. Customers pre-ordering a service only to receive their device and have to wait even longer just to use it leaves a sour taste in any customer’s mouth. Trying to match the service output with the demand that Starlink has is proving to be a difficult task. For instance, there are some customers who cannot pre-order solely due to the fact that the area they wish to use it in is too crowded.

Fixed Wireless on the other hand has a significant amount of availability all throughout rural America with matching service as well. While satellite internet is utilizing a connection from space, Fixed Wireless is using nearby cellular towers in order to ping an internet connection from the tower to your home. Just in terms of actual distance, Fixed Wireless connections travel far less than satellite connections which increases coverage and availability.

Starlink VS Fixed Wireless: Self-Installation

Self-Installation can be seen as an advantage to many when you consider the surface benefits. By doing it yourself there is no need to schedule someone to come to your house or pay an installation fee. However, many customers in rural areas do not want to deal with the hassle or labor of installing their unit themselves.

Fixed Wireless is actually shifting the way installation is done in rural America. Trailrunner Broadband Internet for instance provides completely free installation with no fees at all. An installation technician can arrive at your house and complete a thorough installation without any hassle whatsoever.

Leaving behind the installation guides, or even the ladders to place a unit on your roof without having to pay any extra money definitely gives Fixed Wireless such as Trailrunner an edge in service. Having stable internet access is not meant to cause fits in your everyday life. Providers like Trailrunner make sure to keep that goal in mind.

Starlink VS Fixed Wireless: Weather Interference

Starlink as a satellite internet provider will always have weather as an unavoidable obstacle. Since a satellite connection is stemming from being up in space, it is only natural that heavy rain, winds and severe storms can pose significant coverage issues or even outages. 

When it comes to weather interference, Fixed Wireless stands strong against elemental circumstances. The nearby cell towers that emit the signal to your home are built specifically to withstand the weather while still maintaining a consistent coverage to your home.

Trailrunner Broadband Internet

Providing Fixed Wireless internet to rural areas is the mission of Trailrunner Broadband Internet. While Starlink is expecting to increase prices over time, Trailrunner provides unlimited internet plans starting at $69.95/month.

Choosing the internet plan that works for you is easy with Trailrunner. Our goal is to close the digital divide when it comes to internet access and rural households. We make internet access easy with no hidden fees, affordable pricing and no installation charges. Most importantly there is no long term commitment!

If you are ready to have internet access that you control on your terms, look no further than Trailrunner and sign up today.

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