Network Outages

How Trailrunner Keeps You Connected

Having your internet become disconnected is never ideal. Whether your signal becomes interrupted for a period of time or part of your router unplugs unexpectedly, there is always a rapid dash to fix the issue. While overall network internet outages are rare, they do happen every now and again. Usually, network outages are a result of severe weather or environmental events that have the ability to completely interrupt internet service.

However, the most important aspect of a network outage is how a service provider responds to the situation. With most large corporate internet service providers, outages are met with a lack of transparency and sub-par customer service. The overall nature of an outage is already frustrating, then if inconsistent communication piles on top of that it can become a true nightmare.

Here at Trailrunner Broadband Internet we pride ourselves on the connection we share with the community we serve. Just like any internet service provider that exists, we are not immune to the occasional outage. In fact, we experienced a brief network outage this past Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, our approach to outages ensures that customers are always in the loop while we provide a swift resolution. Check out just how we accomplished that below.

Trailrunner Connection: Open Lines of Communication

As soon as the outage hit our customers, the Trailrunner Customer Service Team promptly initiated communications by sending 33 dedicated broadcast emails as well as information emails to the 251 affected customers.

Staying far in front of the communication department is extremely important to our team. Our customer service team responded promptly to every incoming call and message to fully explain the nature of the outage. Therefore, our quick decision to inform our customers about the occurring outage received a significant amount of positive feedback and thanks. For instance, our customer Steve Goetz said, “Thanks for keeping us informed! Great customer service!” Overall we received numerous emails containing thank you’s for our open communication. 

It is common with bigger internet service providers that when an outage occurs, that is exactly when the communication lines are cut. More often than not a customer is left on hold for sometimes hours without any explanation. Finally, when the outage is over there will be a simple social media outreach acknowledging the fix. Here at Trailrunner, communication is one of our top priorities and our customers agree!

Trailrunner Connection: Fixing The Outage

At the height of the winter storm causing the outage, 34 carriers lost commercial power and were running on reserve batteries. Deploying three teams consisting of 6 people each, Trailrunner was able to install generators to help remedy the outage sites. In total 16 generators ran for multiple days and underwent refueling via the team.

This particular winter storm eliminated access due to downed power lines and fallen trees blocking roads. Throughout the severe conditions our priority was to use all of the resources at our disposal to provide our customers with a significant solution.

Overall, our team commitment to responding to this outage serves as a sense of pride that we have for the community of customers we serve. Outages are bound to happen every now and again no matter which internet service provider you choose. However, the way that a service provider will respond to outages will speak volumes with respect to how much they prioritize customer service and care. We are proud to serve the communities that we do, and look forward to always providing solutions when possible.

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