Internet Saves Thanksgiving

4 Ways Great Internet Saves Thanksgiving

It is officially the final countdown to Thanksgiving and preparations are well underway across the United States for the upcoming festivities. As homes prepare for family gatherings, big meals and the gift of giving presents there are lots of ways our lives are overtaken by the holidays.

Thinking about your impending food coma and football is wonderful leading up to Thanksgiving. With crisp fall weather swirling throughout the communities of New England, it is truly a time to be thankful for all of the things we do have in our lives. The celebration of Thanksgiving can come in a variety of ways depending on the household. However, one thing is for sure, it is a day worth celebrating.

You are probably wondering, how is this internet company going to make the internet relatable to Thanksgiving? Additionally you might also be thinking, do I have time to even read this? How many people am I hosting this year? Can I count on that one family member to do the simple job of bringing dinner rolls? The list goes on. Trailrunner Broadband Internet is here to really tell you just how much your Thanksgiving is made complete by having good internet coverage.

Streaming The Parade & Football

It seems like Thanksgiving cannot truly occur without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a slate of National Football League games. Whether you are a parade float enthusiast waiting to see an inflatable Snoopy barrel his way through Manhattan or love knowing you will be right in predicting that the Detroit Lions will find a way to lose, streaming these favorites requires great internet.

Trailrunner provides internet access you can trust with your streaming pleasures. Our service is truly meant to give you the internet access you deserve. Rural areas throughout Maine constantly face a choice of paying insane amounts for basic internet service. With Trailrunner, you are able to achieve fast internet speeds for an extremely affordable price.

Making The Perfect Playlist

Thanksgiving cannot be complete without having the perfect playlist of holiday favorites verberating throughout your home at what most normal people would consider to be an unreasonable hour. There is this musical battle in creating the perfect set of songs to really encapsulate the holiday. Mainly because you are hard pressed to find any true “Thanksgiving” songs. Seriously, name us one song without looking it up that is solely a “Thanksgiving” song? We will wait.

Now that you have unsuccessfully tried that little exercise, we understand that essentially all Thanksgiving playlists end up just being a primer of upcoming Christmas songs. Somehow, some way, Mariah Carey’s version of All I Want For Christmas will burst onto the scene faster than relatives asking college aged kids how school is going for the 90th time.

Streaming the perfect Thanksgiving day playlist through a service like Spotify is made possible by having a home wifi network that you can rely on. Trailrunner is built for rural homes to ensure that every device playing music is always connected.

Sharing Festive Photos on Social Media

If you don’t post your Thanksgiving photos on social media, did your Thanksgiving even happen? That is the question someone will ask jokingly every time a phone is pulled out to take a photo during the holiday. After that feeling of cringe leaves your body you will come to realize that Thanksgiving is a social media photo album just waiting to be posted. 

The key to posting your photos on social media this thanksgiving lies within how witty your captions will be. Be sure to brush up on your Thanksgiving puns to ensure you can squeeze out a few more likes as a nod to your wit. Feel free to use this list below.

  • Stuffed like the turkey
  • Thanksgiving to do list: Eat, drink, nap, repeat
  • You butter be kidding me
  • Pies on pies on pies
  • Pie love you
  • I only have pies for you

Okay, we might have overdone it with the pie puns but you understand what we’re saying. In the end your social media posts are only as good as the internet connection that will allow you to post them. Don’t take any chances with some other internet provider. Trailrunner Broadband Internet keeps you connected when it matters most.

Checking Your Crazy Family Member’s Symptoms On WebMD

The time is 6:13PM on Thanksgiving Day and this is the time where every family’s crazy Aunt, Uncle, or [Insert Crazy Family Member Here] truly shines with their comical magnificence. It’s around this time where that family member is going to start telling recent stories that they feel are on the level of Mark Twain’s finest work.

Throughout these tales your family member will reference the most obscure medical symptoms known to human anatomy. They will continue to brush off these symptoms as if they are no big deal as they continue their journey of storytelling. However, you know better than to pass over a significant symptom. Just whip out your phone and start searching on WebMD if it is even possible for someone to have shin splints in their… shoulders? Somehow, some way, this category of family members finds a way to explain symptoms that leave you questioning everything you knew about the medical field.

Luckily, when you have Trailrunner Broadband Internet as your provider, you don’t ever have to worry about having wifi connection issues in your pursuit to look up every insane medical symptom that comes from those stories.

Happy Thanksgiving, from Trailrunner

Truly, from all of us here we hope that you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday ever. While we do pride ourselves on providing trusted high speed internet all throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont we know that the most important thing this holiday season is family.