Why Is My Internet Broken?

Why Is My Internet Broken?

It is a very common occurrence throughout households, why is my internet not working? With so many devices having the ability to connect to a home internet network, some households can have more than 15 internet capable accessories. The recent boom in smart TVs, fridges, thermostats and lightbulbs now create more opportunities for innovative technology to operate inside your home.

However, with more internet capable devices now in use, there are many more opportunities for mishaps that lead us to believe that our internet is not working properly. So much so that the phrase “Why is my internet not working?” is one of the most popular Google searches on a daily basis. We are led to believe that if an internet capable device is not functioning properly, we immediately look to our home network as the culprit.

Answering the question of “Why is my internet not working?” is not as straightforward as you think. In fact, your internet connection more likely than not is working perfectly fine. In order to be sure, check out these key points below to ensure your devices and internet connection are running smoothly.

Why Is My Internet Not Working? Check Your Device

More often than not when an internet capable device is not working, the issue will lie more on the side of the device than it will on the side of your internet network. For instance, wireless printers can cause major headaches when trying to set them up and connect them properly. When understanding if you have a device issue or an internet issue be sure to test it out.

Start by taking two other devices you use to connect to the internet such as a phone, laptop or tablet and checking their connections to your network. Open up a few applications as well as the web browser to see if those connections are successful. If those devices are running adequately, then you can easily rule out that your internet connection is the issue. 

Ensure that your device’s internet capabilities are active and functioning. If there are any issues with the device trying to connect to your network be sure to unplug and replug your device back into its power source. Additionally, most internet devices will require you to enter your wifi password to completely connect. Be sure that you are entering your password correctly. Doing proper checks on your devices will help you when asking “Why is my internet not working?”

Prevent Wifi Interference

When ensuring your network is working properly, the placement of the router inside of your home is extremely important. Walls, appliances, and physical barriers consisting of raw materials can cause interference of the connection throughout your property. These barriers can drastically affect the speed of your internet connection depending on router placement.

Different barriers of materials have the ability to cause different levels of interference. Wood, synthetic material, and glass provide low levels of interference whereas plaster, concrete, and metal provide high levels. If you place your router in an inconvenient location that is prone to much interference, there will be a noticeable difference in your wifi speed.

Router placement is also important with respect to which level of your home it resides on. Try to avoid placing your router in an upstairs office or the corner of your basement. This allows the connection to evenly disperse throughout your home so that everyone can enjoy the same connection.

Therefore, when trying to answer “Why is my internet not working?”, make sure to place your internet service router in an open area where the internet is most commonly in use. Try to minimize the amount of barriers that surround your router for an even distribution of connection throughout your home.

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