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The Best Broadband Coverage: What You Should Know

Finding the best broadband coverage for your home can be an overwhelming task. In today’s working environment, having an internet connection you can trust at home is more important now than ever before. With the recent surge in remote work, many are finding relocation to more rural areas to be the most advantageous option. This can put a severe restrain on internet bandwidth and options to already existing rural residents. 

Today, major internet providers are pushing advertisements showing the fastest speeds and enticing “get in” monthly prices. Consistent advertisements tell us that the plans with the highest speeds are always going to be the best. However, internet speed is only as good as the coverage area you reside in.

There are a variety of factors that homeowners need to consider when searching for the best broadband coverage available. Check out the major things to keep an eye on below when subscribing to a new internet service provider.

Best Broadband Coverage: Knowing Your Service Area

It is extremely important when finding the best broadband coverage available to know just how well the service will work where you live. Just because your address is eligible for a particular provider’s service does not necessarily mean it is the broadband coverage for you.

Rural communities rely on having broadband internet they can trust. The fact of the matter is that many providers will over extend their “coverage area” and say that they provide adequate coverage. This leaves you as a homeowner potentially facing a lack of service without any warning.

When choosing the best internet provider for you, be sure to find brands that will allow you to search your exact coverage live on their website. This will give you the transparency of how well your potential service will operate.

Best Broadband Coverage: True Customer Service

With so much of today’s consumer business pushing towards automation, customer service can become one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with an internet provider. Most major providers completely set aside the importance of customer service. For instance, when you call there are usually significant wait times on hold. Then you are transferred to someone who is overseas. Finally, most customer service appointments require you to be home between ridiculous ranges of time.

True customer service lies within providers who reside in and serve the customers of the community they cover. Finding a local internet provider who understands the rural landscape. Every time you call into your provider, the best ones will always have a real person there to answer your questions.

Providers that take pride in their customer service truly show that they are looking to provide the best internet service experience possible. When trying to figure out the right provider for you, be sure to lean towards those who look to take care of their subscribers.

Best Broadband Coverage: Speeds and Pricing

Most advertisements for internet coverage boast how the best plans available are ones with the fastest speeds imaginable. However, just because the fastest speeds are available does not always mean it provides the best broadband coverage for you.

For example, many providers will come out and say they offer what is known as “gig speed” which means you will receive 1Gbps download and 1Gbps upload speeds. To put that in perspective, the Federal Government claims that any speed over 25Mbps (megabits per second)  download qualifies as high speed internet. 

In reality “gig speed” is overkill for the average homeowner. In fact, most of the daily internet taks (depending on number of devices) do not exceed a speed requirement of 10mbps. Major providers boasting this service are essentially offering speeds that you will never need to reach.

Truthfully, faster speed plans are really just a way to justify outrageous pricing. Finding affordable internet plans you can trust is by far one of the most important things to consider. The ability to have the right amount of internet speed while keeping your monthly price affordable is important for everyone. Additionally, look for providers that stay away from ridiculous yearly contracts and hidden fees.

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