Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Tips: 3 You Should Know

Wireless internet is a rapidly growing and changing landscape for homeowners all throughout rural America. With the different variations of wireless internet offerings becoming more available, it is important to understand the outlet that works best for you. Today, the average human spends at least 6 hours a day using the internet. No longer is having internet access a luxury. Instead, reliable access to a trusted internet connection is mandatory for day to day life.

Understanding the vast landscape of internet offerings can be overwhelming. Most customers deal with constant annoyances from internet providers such as inconsistent price hikes as well as a lack of customer service. However, it is equally important to find out the necessary information in order to find the internet option that best fits your needs.

Here at Trailrunner Broadband Internet, we pride ourselves on not just being a wireless internet provider but also being a resource for the community we serve. Check out these three tips below when exploring your internet options.

Wireless Internet: Read The Fine Print

Most often, big internet providers have the ability to draw customers in with offers that display friendly pricing on a monthly basis. Wireless internet advertisements will often boast a low monthly price for a high ceiling of maximum speeds.

However, most of these providers are subscribing to a popular marketing method of faux pricing. Yes, that offer you see is what you will pay, but it will come at other significant costs in the long run. Most big providers put in the fine print that these offers are only valid for the first year of service and then pricing can increase sometimes upwards of 100%.

Additionally, many believe that a low monthly price is what they will start paying right out of the gate. Instead, many big name companies will place activation and installation fees without telling you. It is understood that it takes additional resources to install and activate internet service, but transparency matters. Always be on the lookout for knowing exactly what you will pay when signing up for wireless internet.

Wireless Internet: Fastest Does Not Mean Best

Internet speeds are a constant topic of conversation among customers when searching for internet options. Many providers will jump at the opportunity to say they provide speeds up to 1Gbps download and 1Gbps upload. Gig speed is often the term for the fastest internet speeds available. When many see this potential opportunity there is an automatic assumption that it must be the best option to choose.

This is completely off base from the truth. In fact, the majority of our day to day internet activities do not require immense amounts of internet bandwidth. Having a trusted internet connection and plan that works for you has the speeds that do not hinder your day to day activities. 

The issue with big providers boasting big speeds is that they can attract customers for a higher price down the road without ever having to use anywhere near as much of that allotted bandwidth. In fact, most of the plans that say “Speeds up to…” never actually reach the speeds on display. It is paramount that when looking for an internet provider you take stock in how often you use the internet, the activities you conduct and how many devices you will run on your network.

Wireless Internet: Coverage Matters Most

Piggybacking on the importance of understanding speed with your wireless internet options, your area of coverage is going to be the most important factor to consider. Internet speed offers will only be as good as the coverage area you reside in. For rural communities it is no longer enough to just have a provider say they are available in your area. In fact, big providers have the ability to say they are available even if the area of coverage is not sufficient without any notice.

When looking for an internet provider, be sure to look for outlets that allow you to check your coverage live on their website. Providers will allow you to enter in your exact address and you will be able to find out just how well the service will function at your home.

Understanding how well your area of coverage works will allow you to devise a strategy when picking the best wireless internet plan for you.

Trailrunner Is Your Next Internet Provider!

Choosing the internet plan that works for you is easy with Trailrunner. Our goal is to close the digital divide when it comes to internet access and rural households. We make internet access easy with no hidden fees, and affordable fees. Most importantly there is no long term commitment!

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