Best Wifi Plans

Best WIFI Plans in Maine

Looking for the best wifi plans can be an overwhelming process given all of the options, offers and promotional pushes that present themselves to homeowners in Maine. Having a stable internet connection in today’s landscape is paramount to households all over the world. With the surge in remote work, education, streaming and more it is more important now than ever to have wifi plans that work for you and not against you.

Currently, 66.2% of the global population uses the internet on a daily basis. In fact, from the year 2000 to 2022, internet usage is up a staggering 1,355% and still climbing. Whether it is for work, education or entertainment every household deserves access to wifi plans that allow them to conduct all of their digital activities.

While looking for the best wifi plans available it is important to consider multiple factors. Many brands will approach you with the surface level promises of lightning fast speeds, vague pricing and inconsistent levels of customer service. Therefore, it is imperative to weed out the pretenders and focus on the contenders for your internet service.

Best Wifi Plans: Accurate Service Coverage

The wifi plans you can choose from are only as good as the coverage they can provide to you. Most internet providers will have a simple address form fill to determine your eligibility for coverage. However, a lot of the bigger brands claim they can provide adequate coverage in your area just to get you through their proverbial door.

The last thing any homeowner wants to do is spend hours on the phone with an internet provider wondering why their coverage is faulty or inconsistent. This leads to long wait times and inconvenient technician visits that sometimes result in no solution other than to work around the obstructions of service. 

When searching for adequate providers and wifi plans, look for companies that will show you a truly live coverage map that will help determine if you can receive the best possible internet coverage.

Best Wifi Plans: Truly Live Customer Service

When it comes to wifi plans and internet providers, customer service is one of the most important aspects in making a decision. The most glaring issue facing customer service within internet providers is the practice of outsourcing or automating all customer inquiries.

Previous cases of inadequate customer service involve subscribers spending upwards of 2+ hours waiting on hold just to speak to someone regarding their service plan. Following a significantly long wait the scheduling window for someone to visit a home can range from many days to inconvenient hours.

When choosing wifi plans, customer service matters immensely. Analyzing different providers and the reviews from their current customers goes a long way in understanding just how well they value their customer base. Always lean towards providers who can accurately provide real people during normal time frames that can promptly answer your questions whenever they arise.

Best Wifi Plans: Speed and Affordability

Wifi plans will greet you immediately with the choice of speeds and pricing. The leading belief is that everyone needs the internet service with the highest speed imaginable. However, when diving into everyday digital activities, many find it surprising just how perfect a speed of 50mbps will function. Speed is not even close to being the end all be all for wifi plans.

When assessing pricing, leading brand providers will often entice you with a tempting plan price to get you on their roster. These price plans are more often too good to be true. The starting price is great for many. However, most of these plans come with lengthy contracts that are difficult to get out of. Also, when a certain amount of time passes the starting rate you pay can sometimes increase 2 or 3 times over.

It is extremely important to find providers who are transparent about their pricing as well as their plan details. Internet service is not meant to be a puzzle that you have to have a law degree to put together. In fact, the internet is built on convenience. Therefore, service providers worth subscribing to echo that sentiment.

Best Wifi Plans: Trailrunner Broadband Internet

If you are a rural resident of Maine and certain parts of New Hampshire and Vermont, Trailrunner Broadband Internet is the best affordable internet provider you can choose. We believe in providing wifi plans with a high speed internet connection that works for rural communities.

Our customer service is real people whenever you give us a call. We believe that nobody needs to choose between affordable internet, good speeds and great customer service. Our unlimited data plans start at $69.95 per month.

Whenever you are ready, check your coverage today and see how Trailrunner can give you the internet service you deserve.