Faster Speeds

Faster Internet With No Added Cost

Faster internet speeds is a hot topic of conversation now that the world is becoming even more digital and remote than ever before. While faster speeds are always nice to have when available, it is important to know just how much internet speed you need to carry out the things you do online. 

However, in the midst of this ongoing discussion of internet speeds, Trailrunner Broadband is now currently expanding our network to provide customers in eligible areas with even more optimal speed.

Many see an announcement regarding an upgrade of this nature and automatically think that there is a catch or in this case, a price tag to be aware of. This announcement is another step forward in our commitment to the communities we provide broadband for. Our expansion will allow customers in eligible areas to receive up to 50mbps!

Faster Internet: No Extra Cost

The most exciting part of this announcement is that Trailrunner Broadband is increasing speeds without any extra added costs to our customer base. With most internet service providers, faster internet directly equates to a higher internet bill.

Here at Trailrunner we pride ourselves on providing the best network and wireless internet possible through our fixed wireless service. Our ability to expand our network across a variety of coverage areas will grant customers faster speeds without having to worry about a surprise catch showing up on their bill.

Now more than ever, rural Americans deserve reliable access to broadband that is not actively working against them. Often with major providers plans and service are given without any transparency as well as a significant price tag. Trailrunner Broadband serves the community in which we operate in right here in Maine. Our goal is to ensure that broadband access is not something customers have to sacrifice for.

Faster Internet: No Action Needed

By providing faster speeds to our current customers, there is no action you need to take in order to maximize this new opportunity. With the eligible areas of coverage for faster speeds, our network will start reaching households automatically without any toggling needed on your end of the account.

While internet speed is not the most important factor when it comes to your daily internet usage, anytime that faster speeds can become available to customers there will be a significant upgrade in experience with it. Having faster speeds will allow you to still conduct all of your regular internet activities while also having the ability to handle more devices on your personal home WIFI network!

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The faster speed expansion from Trailrunner will extend to not only our current customers but future customers as well!

Choosing the internet plan that works for you is easy with Trailrunner. Our goal is to close the digital divide when it comes to WIFI access and rural households. We make broadband easy with no hidden fees, and affordable pricing. Most importantly there is no long term commitment!

If you are ready to have internet access that you control on your terms, look no further than Trailrunner and sign up today.