Seasonal Internet Plans: Are They Worth Getting?

With the summer season here, seasonal internet plans become a more popular option for those traveling to their vacation homes. Seasonal internet plans are a great compromise for those with summer homes who still want a stable internet connection.

However, not all seasonal internet plans are the same. It is important to be on the lookout for an internet plan that is truly worth it while you are enjoying the best weather of the year. Trailrunner Broadband Internet is providing high-speed internet all throughout areas of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

When choosing an internet package for your vacation home there are a variety of factors to be on the lookout for. The pursuit of flexibility and convenience is truly the end goal of having an internet connection for your summer residence. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if a seasonal plan is right for you!

Seasonal Internet Plan: Staying Connected While Away

One of the biggest perks of having a seasonal plan is the ability to keep your internet connection even when away from your camp home. This is significant not just for summer seasons but throughout the entire year. 

For instance, while away back at your primary residence, your summer home has potential smart home devices that always need a connection to stay running. Items such as security cameras, smart lights, and door locks all need a stable connection (albeit not too fast) to stay functional.

The perfect seasonal internet plans allow you to achieve a connection so that your home devices always stay online.

Seasonal Internet Plan: Easy Equipment

One of the most annoying things when dealing with an internet provider who does seasonal plans is the hassle of the service equipment. With some plans, especially in vacation homes, equipment needs to be taken away and re-installed when the service shuts down or turns back on.

With Trailrunner Broadband Internet, your equipment always remains in place which eliminates the hassle. With that, there is no need for a technician to make a visit to your vacation home to handle your existing equipment or service.

Seasonal Internet: Easily Toggle On & Off

Arguably the most important factor in deciding on a seasonal internet plan is the ability to achieve flexibility in your service. Most seasonal plans from other big internet service providers force you to go through a lengthy process consisting of form fills and phone calls to toggle your service on and off.

These types of internet plans are meant to provide you the convenience and peace of mind over your service, allowing you to focus on more important things. By adding extra hoops to jump through just to ensure your camp home is set up with wifi creates a less than stellar customer experience.

Fortunately, with Trailrunner, you can easily restore service and pause service all within your account management online. Through our customer experience portal, you are able to easily decide when you want your seasonal plan to be active or inactive!

Get Better Internet Today With Trailrunner

Trailrunner Broadband Internet is the internet service solution for rural America. Our goal is to provide trusted internet access to rural homes, businesses, and communities as a whole. Our sign up process is simple and our plans are even easier. Put aside the big internet companies with their complex plans, hidden fees and installation charges.

Trailrunner provides internet at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. There are no installation charges, hidden fees or commitment. If you are ready for a new internet provider that you can get the most out of, sign up for Trailrunner today!